Building is about more than tools, equipment, and material; it’s about PEOPLE and TRUST. We love what we do and conduct all business with INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY.

Our strategy is to deliver on the expectations being demanded by our clients, and do it better than our competition. Whether your next project is large or small, our objective is the same, to provide the highest quality construction at the best possible value.

Below are our core principles that help us achieve your expectations:



Our clients are vital to our success; therefore we aim to create long-term trusted relationships. We achieve these relationships by anticipating client needs, exceeding client expectations, and above all else effective and dependable client communication.


On-Time Construction is a must in today’s competitive environment. Here at TKO we understand that time is money, especially to our customers, which is why we insist that on-time schedules and turnover dates must be met. We draw on our wealth of project experience, CPM scheduling, and diligence from our staff to ensure the project is delivered on-time.


With experience utilizing numerous types of building materials and working relationships with hundreds of subcontractors and vendors, we have been able to consistently deliver on our reputation for uncompromising quality no matter what our clients need us to perform.


Many General Contractors are known for unfair and unethical business practices; this ultimately hinders teamwork. We believe that building a legitimate team will not only bring integrity back to the industry, but open the door for completing a project ahead of schedule and deliver additional value to the client.